The Music

You know that new sound you’ve been looking for?

Well listen to this! The hottest group to hit the circuit since The Hillbilly Cat himself! Playing all of your favorite hits with all of the flash and excitement of the greats!

The Nostal-Gents play music hailing from the times of Eisenhower’s second term through the end of LBJ’s first. The Golden Era of Rock and Roll. We loved listening to these songs so much, we thought “Let’s bring them back”. While we do play a lot of classic Rock ‘n’ Roll tunes, we also play from other iconic parts of the era such as Doo-wop, R&B, Country, Pop and Soul. We try and pull from as many genres as possible, both the hits and some hidden gems.

The idea is that we are a band from the ’50s, that doesn’t know we’re not in the ’50s. We dress the part and make dated references. We want to show the best of that time, and really bring out what was celebrated in the music world. Taking a look back through rose-tinted lenses, as it were. Some of our film inspirations include: The Sandlot, Back to the Future, That Thing You Do, and Grease. Our number one focus is for everyone to have a good time, so we always invite interaction and we LOVE when the crowd joins in. Dancing and singing are both appreciated and welcome, it makes it a regular bash.

So, slick back your hair, put on your dancin’ shoes, and let’s jive!

Rock ‘n’ Roll, Surf and Soul comin’ to a jivin’ joint near YOU!